Heads Up: Brands Heading Toward Agency Reviews

May 28, 2020

During this time of economic turbulence, knowledge is the best defense your outreach team can have. Companies in-the-know of agency changes and brands increasing spend no doubt have the upper hand. And thanks to our prospecting publication WinmoEdge, your team can ready their defensive playbook as well. 

Our team at WinmoEdge watches a range of indicators and calculates the likelihood of an agency review occurring. Signals like marketing appointments, funding, existing agency tenure, and more all factor into their analysis. They rate opportunities on a 1-100 scale, ultimately ranking them on our Vulnerable Account Index. Take a look at three of the 100 topmost vulnerable accounts our team predicts to make an agency review soon.

Psst… Wondering how reliable these predictions are? WinmoEdge has an 80%+ success rate, so in addition to the three we’re telling you about now, we’ve included other examples that show our analysts are spot on.

Brands Predicted to Shake Up Agency Rosters

Advertiser: Subway | Vulnerability Score: 98 

Trigger: Fills newly created chief operating, insights role

Subway hired their first-ever chief operating and insights officer, Mike Kappitt after a recent CMO hire. As the brand increases its digital channel efforts, Kappitt will also focus on insights and marketing data rather than solely on operations, as some COO’s do. Our team expects to see shifts in Subway’s marketing strategy under his guidance.

Our team suggests that Subway is pushing to reach more Gen-Z men. They have seen an uptick in ads on Youtube and direct placement ads to sites like Adultswim.com. Agencies should reach out now for potential work as reviews are possible under new leadership. 

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Advertiser: Kellogg’s | Vulnerability Score: 87

Trigger: Spending shifts to eSports, Agencies Surpass Typical Tenure

Our team predicts an imminent millennial media opportunity for Kellogg’s as they pump up spending on eSports. Currently, the company is shifting ad spend to the industry’s older audience, 21 – 34-year-olds. A number of the company’s brands have partnered with eSports teams and their events while also experimenting with in-game activations. 

Our team predicts changes to come as their current agency relationships have surpassed their usual tenure. We suggest you move quickly! 

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Advertiser: United Way | Vulnerability Score: 67

Trigger: Decision Maker Shift

The non-profit network has named a new chief experiential officer, Stan Little. Little was previously SunTrust Foundation President and we expect an increase in cause marketing and strategic partnerships. Our team also predicts advertising spend increases under his leadership. Kantar data reports OOH, print, radio, and local broadcast activity, with the organization’s target demographic being primarily Gen-X and boomers.

If your agency can provide service to this demographic, now is the time to reach out.


Those are a few of the accounts on our watch-list now. And if you need a little proof that they should be on yours too, here’s a few agency changes we’ve successfully called recently.

Successful Agency Predictions

Advertiser: Ancestry.com 

Finds new AOR following CMO appointment

In late 2019, we alerted agency readers to an opportunity with Ancestery.com, which had hired a new CMO. As we predicted, a few months later, the brand appointed Zeno Group as a new communication AOR. Our sources put the company at a 14 percent increase in digital ads in the past 365 days and established notoriety among Boomers. Our team notes that agency reviews often follow one another and push agency readers to reach out for potential work.

Advertiser: Go RVing

Adds creative AOR after PR agency hire

We added this recreational vehicle association to our Vulnerable Account Index a year ago, when they appointed Verde Brand Communications to handle PR and digital. Since agency reviews often follow one another, we expected additional shifts, and we were right. The brand just concluded a six-month review by hiring AOR FCB Chicago to build upon its brand identity across all platforms and Genuine Interactive to develop its website. FCB will handle all creative, media and brand and strategic messaging, and its first Go RVing work debuted last week in a new “Go on a Real Vacation” campaign.

Advertiser: Walgreens

Looking for new AOR, as brand turns digital 

Retail and Healthcare giant Walgreens is searching for a new AOR in response to their new CMO hire, Vineet Mehra reported by our team in November 2019. Mehra said Walgreens is undergoing a “massive digital transformation”, as well as a big eCommerce push. As the company makes the shift to digitalizing its brand we suggest agency readers reach out to pitch during this ongoing review. 

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