Winmo Adds “Eerily Accurate” Personality Insights from Crystal Knows

May 7, 2018

Write the perfect email? There’s an app for that, and sales intelligence leader Winmo is leveraging its power to help sellers break through to brand owners.

Winmo, the leading source of brand and agency contact information, is harnessing personality insights from Crystal Knows to show sellers what makes their prospects tick.

Through a newly launched integration, Crystal’s “eerily accurate” personality assessments, as featured in Wired and Fast Company, are now available on contact profiles in Winmo’s sales intelligence tool, which maps 125,000+ marketing decision-makers to the brand budgets they control.

Winmo Crystal Knows Integration

Sellers who rely on Winmo to find the right companies and contacts can now quickly size up a target buyer and tailor their outreach accordingly, with Crystal Knows providing cues on how to address them, even which words to use (and which to avoid) to make the best impression.

“Sales professionals are constantly looking for a way to stand out,” said Dave Currie, CEO of Winmo’s parent company List Partners LLC. “Knowing who to talk to is half the battle, but it takes the right message expressed the right way to get the attention of a busy CMO or Marketing Director. We’re pleased to partner with Crystal Knows to help our clients engage the person behind the title for optimal response rates.”

Nashville-based Crystal Project leverages a wealth of social data to reveal an individual’s personality, DISC profile, and preferred communication style. Alongside the human-verified contact information in Winmo, the Crystal Knows integration gives new business teams a leg up on engaging brand-owners who control $100 billion in marketing spend every year.

Accessing the integration:

All current Winmo customers can access the integration, which appears in both its US and UK offerings. Users can view a How-To Article that explores full benefits of the Crystal Knows integration, including where to find personality insights, how to use them, the meaning behind DISC personality assessments and more.


About Winmo:

Winmo’s advertiser and agency database tracks decision-makers who control $100 billion in marketing spend each year, giving sellers a direct path to engaging qualified prospects. In addition to contact data continually updated by an in-house research team, Winmo’s award-winning sales intelligence platform boasts trigger-based alerts, predictive sales analysis, and essential integrations – all designed to help sellers reach the right contacts on the right accounts at the right time. For more information or to request a free trial, visit

About Crystal Knows:

Crystal is a new technology built upon an age-old principle: communicate with empathy. We use natural language processing to create unique personality profiles for individuals with an online presence. When you find someone on Crystal, you’ll understand the ideal way to communicate with them – helping you be more productive at work. Our goal is to eradicate canned, impersonal work communication both internally and externally. To learn more and get your free Crystal profile, visit:

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